Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bloody Night

I was dating this girl and we went out drinking one night and got loaded we came back to my apartment and were having the usual wild sex for about an hour when someone started pounding on my door so, I got up and went to see who it was.
It was the cops and me in a towel as they drew their guns and said don`t move get on the floor...I did and was say`n WTF?
As I lay on the floor with a shoe on my neck I looked at my hand that was conveniently by my face and it was covered with blood?
They were in my apt roaming around say`n where is she>?
I started thinking god I`m drunk and why am I covered with blood?
After they stood me up and my gf came out of the bedroom also covered in blood it turns out she got her period and neither or us realized it.
The cops got a call that someone was being beat and responded and seeing me covered from head to toe literally from my face to my groin they though I had killed someone so she and I explained and they left after about an hour.
We don`t talk anymore she lives around here some where but, Ever since that night it all just fell apart.

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