Friday, September 4, 2009

Practical Joke

My ex-boyfriend and I had been dating for six months. One day, out of nowhere, he told me he had a girlfriend. When I started to cry, he told me I was overreacting. I was furious! Then he told me he was just kidding and he really loved me. I believed him. The next week I went to visit him at his house. When I rang the doorbell he opened the door and gave me a kiss. There was a girl sitting on the couch that I’d never seen before. He walked over to her, gave her a kiss, and said “Hi, Julie. Meet my girlfriend.” They both started laughing. I found out later from him that he wanted just to do that for fun to twist my heart and play with it. I was really upset, but don’t worry, I found out a way to get him back

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bloody Night

I was dating this girl and we went out drinking one night and got loaded we came back to my apartment and were having the usual wild sex for about an hour when someone started pounding on my door so, I got up and went to see who it was.
It was the cops and me in a towel as they drew their guns and said don`t move get on the floor...I did and was say`n WTF?
As I lay on the floor with a shoe on my neck I looked at my hand that was conveniently by my face and it was covered with blood?
They were in my apt roaming around say`n where is she>?
I started thinking god I`m drunk and why am I covered with blood?
After they stood me up and my gf came out of the bedroom also covered in blood it turns out she got her period and neither or us realized it.
The cops got a call that someone was being beat and responded and seeing me covered from head to toe literally from my face to my groin they though I had killed someone so she and I explained and they left after about an hour.
We don`t talk anymore she lives around here some where but, Ever since that night it all just fell apart.

On his knees

My ex brought me a dozen roses after I had broke up with him and afterward told me I wasn't his type...the next day he was on his knees in the middle of school crying o.O


I broke up with my ex...(had to do it over the phone) (different states)

10 minutes later I receive a message from her on facebook...

"this may be awkward, but can you help me find another boyfriend?"

Too Nice

my ex broke up with me because i'm "TOO NICE" stupid reason i know


Apparently this girl whose name shall not be mentioned wasn't ready for "drama" but began dating again with someone else few months later.

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In the Navy

Valentine's Day. I hadn't been able to get ahold of him for several days and, in typical teen drama queen fashion, I had gone overboard: leaving songs on his answering machine, etc... He called and asked me out to lunch for Valentine's Day. Over lunch he asked me if I would ever consider marrying for money and revealed that he'd been incommunicado the last few days because he was busy running errands: getting a blood test, applying for a marriage license, etc... He was in the Navy and was planning on marrying "a friend" so he could get an increase in pay. He told me it didn't have to change things between us; I thought otherwise!

Not even dating

I had to break up with a guy i wasn't even dating!
So i have a boy friend and was friends with this other guy wetalkedd alot and he always told me he liked me but i constantlyremindedd him i had a guy and nothing could / would ever happen with us. he just couldn't get that through his head and startedcallingn me his girl friend and telling me he loved me. so finally i just went with it and said we were over and stopped talking to him lol


yea the psycho bi**** found out that you don't send your new boyfriends over to start trouble with me. it don't go over to well. she also found out that i ain't afraid to run somebody tryin to start trouble over with my truck. she's crazy. along with the others. lets see 1 slammed my fingers in the hood of my pickup. 1 put me through hell. 1 pi**** me off so i left. and the last has tried to get to of her new boyfriends to kick my a** without success. yea i'd say all the girls i dated were crazy and i ain't the one that made them that way. and her boyfriends were crazy...if you want a piece of me you better have a set made of steel. yea all my breakup stories are crazy.


I was dating this kid for over a year, and he constantly treated me like garbage. We were a long distance couple since I was in college 5 hours away, but we made it a point to see each other every three weeks or so. Well October came around, the month of my birthday, and he told me that he couldn't come visit me for my birthday. It was a big one too. I was turning 21.

He couldn't come visit me, he didn't even mail me a card. But he DID give me a birthday present! A list of 12-15 reasons why he DIDN'T like me, on the morning of my 21st birthday.

You know how everyone is so excited to turn 21 and go out and party? I spent the evening of my 21st on the couch crying my eyes out.




It was my freshman year of high school, and of course my boyfriend and i planned on going to our first homecoming dance together. so we buy the "couples ticket" in advance, which is like, $5 cheaper than single tickets. so 2 weeks later is the dance, i get all dressed up to go, and meet him at the school (hint #1) where he gives me one of those cheap flimsy plastic roses you buy at the gas station (hint #2) and i give him his boutinerre. we enter the school for the dance, give our ticket to the ticket-person, and all of the sudden he immediately has to "use the restroom" (hint #3) so his ex girlfriend walks up to me and tells me that he wants to break up with me, and he only took me to the dance so that he could get in with the couples ticket.




My sisters ex-boyfriend was a huge jerk but she like loved him..? not sure why. lol, but one day he just texted her when she was working and dumped her ON HER BIRTHDAY. and they had been dating for about a year.


I really needed to break up with my boyfriend but I couldn't do it in person cause he would always make me feel bad. He'd say that if I broke up with him he wouldn't know what to do and he'd be lost and he kept talking about being with me forever. It freaked me out, like us moving so fast so I had my friend break up with him for me through text. That's probably the lowest thing I've ever done.

But hey if I didn't he would still be in love with me and I'd be so stressed out all the time and bored and sad and miserable. Right?

Pansy @ss

A 32 year old man broke up with me via E-mail because he was too much of a pansy @ss to do it to my face! This was about 3 years ago.


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